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Looking to buy some 100 grain slick tricks. I have multiple friends that use them with favorable results. Before going out and spending the money on new broad heads, I would like to hear the experiences of those that have used both and if there is any noticeable difference in the broadhead other than the obvious 1/8 increase cutting diameter. Would prefer experiences of those that have shot both in target and hunting situations.
My advice is that if you are shooting a typical bow (320-330fps IBO) drawing 60 pounds or less use the standard cut. If you are shooting 60 pounds or more then use the magnums.

But can we adress the question of how they fly in comparison to field points.
Assuming that your "bow hunting rig" is set up properly and tuned properly then you should have absolutely no problem with the Slick Tricks grouping with your field tips. Even out of bows that are a bit out of tune they typically group with field tips.

Bottom line is this. If you can't get ST's to group with field tips with little to no effort then you have bigger problems than broadhead flight and using a large mechanical isn't going to help your situation.
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