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sorry i havent checked on here. names sean from ks i will be in the stand around 55 days this year i work at hospira i package drugs for a living and i also work for a outfitter so i have a lot of land and a lot of big mature bucks to go after i was in the stand thursday morning and evening i seen 3 does in the morning and in the evening i had a 165/170 inch 14 point buck ( main frame 10 with 2 kickers off of each G2) at 15 yards in front of me i should have been tagged out buck got buck fever and forgot to shoot but i will get back out every day off when i get my new scent lok back (dont get the dry plus scent lok from cabelas its not dry) so it should be a good season i will also take a couple days of vacation to hunt the rut if i dont tag out before then. we have a lot of pictures of 140 to 190 inch deer last year had a good 8 point come in and i had the 190 inch buck come in to 40 yards but couldn't get a shot on him my boss has several deer mounted from 145 to 187 shot off of the land i hunt on had several 150 to 180 inch bucks shot from hunters and one 227 inch buck shot off of our land a couple years ago as for what i am shooting a 08 pearson tx4 350 carbon weight forward arrows topped off with 2 blade rage and some slick tricks for those days in a double bull.

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