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This one actually is just a tight chamber, had to take it down to 3.23. Shoulder of the case is getting solid contact with the chamber with factory cases, I was very concerned until I had it looked at, the only concern I have is the case being stuck after firing, not the first rifle I have had that happen, this is by far the tightest chamber I have seen on a factory or custom.
Have you ever had issues with factory ammo or have you tried it? Case getting stuck after fire has little to do with COL other than pressure.

In other words, if you are jamming in the rifling, you can creat pressure signs or lock the case up in the rifle. But if you are working up your load properly, case being stuck in the chamber is a big sign your overpressure.

You could have an extremely tight chamber, but you want to work up your load and note where you have rough extraction, or case stuck in the chamber.

If you don't know where your rifling is, and just lowering the rounds COL until you have no appearant issues, you could be playing with fire.

Anytime you load for a new gun, you need to know where the rifeling is and back off at least .005, and preferably .01" or more. I highly recommend moving back .03" with barnes.

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