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Default South Carolina Gator

Went out Friday Night/Saturday Morning on a Gator hunt, saw many 5-6 footers. About every quarter mile was another gator. This place was filled with them but they were all small.

After a few hours of checking gator sizes we were headed back to the dock when we spotted this one back in a cove. He didn't fight very long before we had him in the boat, good think to, that water was dirty, you could not see the float or beacon light when he took it under.

We had him tagged and in the boat by 4:30am. The next night we headed out bowfishing, stuck two common carp, 3 gar and one 15 pound catfish. Was a great weekend.

He ended up measuring 9'6" and weighing in at 175 pounds. Pretty skinny for that length, but definitely the biggest in the area.

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