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Default my aug 31 manitoba black bear

have been waiting for this hunt for over a year and now that its done and gone i wish time would have stopped so i could enjoy myself a little while longer. I went on a fully guided fall black bear hunt to Sandy River Outfitters in Manitoba.. awesome place.. but heres the story.. my buddy and i decided to drive the 1450 miles from home to pine falls manitoba (first of LONG LONG LONG LONG DRIVE) we blew a wheel bearing outside north dakota and had to get a rental, so already trip is not turning out as i would have liked. ...(skipping to the good parts) arrived at my stand at 230pm guide had got done baiting the can and at 245 i had 2 small bears come running into the bait. Whats truely amazing is how quite these animals are, i listened and never heard 1 of them even as they were walking around. 330 came around and i got bored and did my draw backs and finding my shooting lanes and my limb cracked on my bow. (already im like what else could go wrong) so i sit there pissing and moaning about my bow when this bear came walking in to the bait. he ate himself into a food coma and walked off 60 yards to take a nap. so naturally i contemplate my bow situation versus shooting the bear. i would have like to have waited for a bigger bear as the camp average is well over 350lbs, but i decided for my first bear he was good enough for me, no sooner did the thought pass my mind; did the bear get up and walk right into my 20 yard lane and i let him have it. I watched my beman elite with a red nocturnal nock zip right behind the shoulder. he ran about 30 feet climbed a tree well above my tree stand i estimated about 30-40 ft where he decided he would say "goodbye cruel world" did he death moan and fell 30 some odd feet to the ground.. by far the most amazing hunting experience of my life and well worth every penny.
(p.s my bow did not explode but when i got home the bow shop said i most likely wouldnt get more then a few shots before some serious damage took place)
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