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Default What type of tag?

Should a tag, for example an elk tag, more specifically let's say a non-resident tag be good for an entire season, or a specific season?

should a non-res have to pick bow, ML, rifle and only get to hunt one season, or should a tag be good for the entire full season?

In many states it seems there's a week between the end of bow season and the start of rifle season, therefore, a non-res would have to make 2 trips, not be able to hunt both seasons.

In many cases I feel most non-res are only going to hunt one season or the other, less they happen to live closeby in say a neighboring state, but easterners I don't think are going to be making multiple trips.

I've heard the argument that a full season tag encourages rifle hunters to kinda wing it during the bow season, which means not very serious bowhunters increasing pressure during that season.

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