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Nice pics for sure. Where abouts in Kansas are you hunting again? I went and looked at a couple more spots today that really sweet down by the Neosho River. I'm sure the bucks are close to loosing their velvet here too. I haven't checked the cameras for a little while. I may not check them until season starts. I plan on hunting a bunch of different spots for the first time this year so I can get an idea of what the lay of the different lands looks like. I have acces to about 5000 acres. There is no way I will set foot on it all but with the help of my cameras I plan to scout as much as possible.

I'm looking forward to seeing some new country this season. I hope you guys score on big uns. I will probably wait until late Oct and early Nov to seriously consider launching an arrow. If I see a big deer though he's goin down like a sweet muffin.
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