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Default Got my first buck!

Well after 7 years of passing and missing bucks...I finally got one! Yes I know hes not HUGE, but hes freakin awesome in my book lol I watched this one all summer and I thought he was pretty cool.

He came in about 8 this morning and gave me a pretty close 13 yard shot. I got too excited and after I released the arrow moved my bow arm and hit him back in the liver. He jumped like 5 feet in the air and bolted across the field, I could see my exit wound just dumping the blood. I was a nervous wreck cuz I knew I hit him waaaaaaay farther back than I would ever like to hit. I gave him 30 minutes to run and got down to check for blood and it was spraying everywhere!

I waited about 15 minutes more and starting taking up the trail....about 100 yards later I could see his white belly sticking up over the hill. I ran like a crazy psycho and screamed and yeehawd more than I ever have haha I paused and thanked the Lord for my deer then finally after 7 years put my hands on my first buck. I couldnt ask for anything better

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