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Originally Posted by halfbakedi420 View Post
plz when you check in, put the counties and state you are gonna be huntin in. open and close date of your archery season. and an email that you check so if we need to contact you, we can..last year we had 2 deer we were unable to count, as team members were no where to be found.
i pm'd everyone. replacement request will go in 1 week after teams were announced.

TX_Hoghunter Texas Kerr (oct2nd-nov 5th) and Van Zandt (oct 2nd-nov 5th) county
Kydeerhunter03 Kentucky Boone, Kenton, and Pendelton Counties (Sept. 4th and ends Jan. 17th)
markjenna [email protected] Indiana Porter and Laporte counties (oct 1st-jan 2nd)
halfbakedi420 Texas Leon (oct 2nd-nov 5th)and Marion ( oct 2nd-nov 5th)counties
Rory/MO Missouri
DowningAir mid michigan (oct 1- ??)
Garringer55 Iowa (oct 1- ??)
Someone nominated me 2 votes
i nominate last person to check in as prez 1 vote
TXHogHunter 1 vote

It is mandatory you stop by team 3's page, christine has hand picked the finest men and women to be on her team..its a total conspiracy and we will not stand for it go by there and shed some lip..

drop tine
drop time
red mist 2
heart throb 1
double lunger
welcome aboard downing sound like a pilot

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