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Originally Posted by jamesaf2870 View Post
i just came across this forum if you do not want any new members just let people know. P.s. I have nothing to do with the show, i just thought it was a cool theme verses some of the other shows that are for the older hunters not the new generation of hunters that are the future of our sport. sorry if i ofended you by joing your forum.

The problem is, you just joined and the first thing you did was post a web site, or in this case a link to an up coming show. When people do that, the first thing some of us think on here is this is SPAM. You have to make some regular post and replies on other posts before you start throwing up links like that. Thats all. Welcome to a great site. Don't get discouraged and run off. This is a great site with lots of knowledgeable people in it.
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