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Originally Posted by zubba View Post
Got everyone marked so far. npockat, what part of Wisconsin are you hunting bear? I drew a bear tag last year in zone D near Washburn. Had an awesome time & took a boar on my 2nd sit. It was a blast...just too bad I have to wait another 7-8 years.
I am hunting more in the central part of WI in zone C. Got a 250-300 pounder coming in behind my parents house. I have 3 baits out right now and each of them are getting hit. Got 6 total bear coming in so far. I was up near Washburn a couple years ago as my nephew got in the DNR learn to bear hunt program. He was 10 and shot a 150 lb bear with the use of dogs! I have the whole thing on video and edited with music and everything. It's pretty cool!

Yeah it took me 4 years to get a tag in Zone C where I hunt. Takes much longer up north further.
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