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It never fails we get into these arguments every year. It can be crossbow, baiting, using dogs, shooting houses and so forth.....

Many guys will call all these things cheating but many of these same guys will buy high dollar scent suit to try "cheat" the deers nose. It also doesn't bother them to put up trail cams and "spy" on deer. I mean how much of an advantage is this. You can spy on him and tell when he comes out or if that stand is the right one you should hunt based on your camera activity. If anything should be considered taking advantage its the trail cams......So if you condemn someone for baiting wouldnt be hypicrital to use a camera ?

I have used corn to bait to a small degree but its a lot of work and expense. It's not a must but it can help move a deer in on the small piece of property I hunt. I can take it or leave it however.

Now with that being said, everyone needs to decide what is best for themselves without judgement from their fellow hunters. Not everyone wants the same challenge or same experience. Its about making memories and filling the freezer....have fun.
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