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Originally Posted by cayugad View Post
When wolves somehow wandered into Wisconsin up here in the Northern end, many of us voiced our concern to the DNR about them. As usual we were ignored and told that wolves are not a problem. Also there were only a few of them. Nothing to worry about. When the population of the gray wolf started to increase dramatically, we were told that there were no where near the number of wolves "we the people" who live here, suspected there was.

We better get used to the fact that wolves and other animals are all over this State. Bears in down town Verona near Madison. Sauk County, Juneau County, Columbia County reporting bear and wolf sightings. Wisconsin is getting more wild every day...
I totally agree.....the problem is the denial of the DNR that this would be a problem, now that it is, they are trying their "back paddle" dance again, and now, it is a federal issue that will take til the end of the Mayan Calander to get sorted out...look how long it took out west. Wyoming is still battling to get the season o.k.'d. I don't condone breaking the law, but, I know there will be alot of vigilante' management going on in most parts of the state.
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