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270 with 150gr partitions?

I think you'd find out why they call the cape buff "black death" haha

thick skin/dangerous game I'd want more gun.

for almost everything else a 270 would probably do the job, i read about some african hunter who's goto lion gun was a 270 course lion is consider thin skin I believe.

Originally Posted by podunk kennels View Post
I believe on medium sized caliber can do it all with different loads. Unless were discussing claiming meat on small game of squirrel size so mine is.
.270 win with 110 vmax
.270 win with 110 Accubond
.270 win with 140 Accubond
Id love to try and take dangerous game with a .270 and 150 partition but if a minimum caliber as in Africa is imposed then .375 H&H
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