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Originally Posted by wis_bow_huntr View Post
Wolves are becoming an increasing concern in Wi. I have seen several wolves in the Neillsville area as well as in the WI Rapids area. We need to band together and get these things under control no matter the consequences. The DNR has openly admitted that there are too many wolves in WI now and are apparently working on a solution. What that solution is, is yet to be detirmend. The animal rights group seem to have their way no matter what, I say its time we stand up, take this issue to Washington DC and do something about it. But it may just be easier to shoot them in the guts and let them wander off and die. Theres no need for Wolves in Wi. Not in most areas of the state anyways.

I saw one off of the Interstate Just north of Portage. If I ever see one and I'm in the woods hunting, well, I'm gonna do what he ^ said!
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