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Originally Posted by falcon View Post
Strange that there was no wild hogs in that part of OK until U Ranch started buying hogs and turning them loose all over the place. Saw the first hog on our place in Garvin county in late 2006. Now they are all over the place and the deer are getting scarce.

When the hogs come in the deer leave. Given a choice, deer do not like to drink from a pond that hogs frequent. i've watched hogs run deer off the game plots and away from feeders.

Most of my hog hunting is done in Comanche, Cotton and Tillman counties. Last year i shot well over 40 wild hogs last year and trapped more while working full time.
That may be, but that doesn't mean they are the only ones doing it. There are plenty of hunters who release them all over to get populations started. Now, they may be part of the problem, but I doubt they are the only culprit. More and more hunters want them around, because of the no season, tags, limits etc..

Deer season with a gun is only a few weeks with blackpowder included. Whereas, you can hunt hogs with rifles whenever anyone feels like it. This is the real reason why everyone wants to hunt them.

If they are starting to take over, start dropping the hammer on them. That's the reason the state allows no seasons, no licenses, no limits. They may run off some deer, but all you can do is try to limit their population. Trust me, there will still be plenty of deer to hunt.
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