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District 113 assistant superintendent Suzan Hebson says the trip "would not be aligned with our beliefs and values."
This is nothing more than political grandstanding, hypocrisy and ignorance and/or stupidity. I doubt that any of the Arizona High schools are making a political statement or had anything to do with passing the law. The "beliefs and values" that this nitwit is demonstrating is that it's okay to transfer blame from Arizona's state legislature to a bunch of high school kids.

Hebson says the school couldn't guarantee the players would be "included and be safe and be able to enjoy the experience."
What does she mean about not being able to guarantee that the players are included? They're going to a tournament to play against other teams. How would they not be safe? Is there some greater crime rate in Arizona? How would they not enjoy the experience that they saved up money to participate in? This person should not be allowed to have a job in education as she is clearly unable to resist injecting her personal political beliefs into that educational system.

This ignorant backlash against Arizona is ridiculous and shows that a lot of people (including AG Holder) haven't read the law, understand it or even have the capacity to learn the subject they are ignorantly protesting.
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