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Originally Posted by Zeke001 View Post
we students at schools, particularly public schools (such as where i am sitting as i type), are afforded super basic rights. Our lockers aren't private, we are allowed as much free speech as our principles and administrators are willing to allow us on any given day, up until this year it was "accepted" school policy that a teacher could confiscate and destroy any electronic device that was on ourselves, regardless of whether it was used or even on. Of course, our teachers werent that big of... jerks... as that, but it was within the realm of possibility. I know there was one court case where students during the Vietnam Conflict where the USSC allowed students to wear armbands in school in protest, but freedom in its purest sense is LONG gone in schools. I believe in rules and all that jazz, but i also enjoy having some rights as I am now, technically, and adult. This idea doesnt make sense anyway, the OP that is, Cinco de Mayo isnt even a real holiday in America, possibly due to the fact that we already have our July 4th, why should we celebrate another country's Independence Day?
Cinco de Mayo is to celebrate the battle of Puabla (sp).
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