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I have shot carbons since they came out in the 80's. Looking back they have caused me more trouble than they are worth.

A carbon will never beat an aluminum arrow at straightness and consistent spine.. You cannot heat up a tip or insert to rotate or replace. Some do, and I used to by heating up a long field point and pulling it out. But learned by experience that you might get away with it a few times, but disaster will strike.

so why use carbon? You will never get the correct spine with the lightness of carbon. Everybody wants to shoot 300fps. Needed? No, but a great advertising point. Bad part about alum is it loses spine quicker than carbon. Another is, aluminum will lose energy faster due to its ossilation properties. They bend easy, and need replaced often.

I use alum for trad exclusively and use cedar for my selfbows. But still use carbon for compounds.