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Default Shattered carbon arrows !!

Hi all, am relatively new to archery. Having been shooting for only a few months and currently using Easton aluminium arrows, find that they bend rather easily. Been thinking of switching to carbon arrows cos they remain straight throughout their useable lives but if mishandled, can seriously injure, as the pics below show!

Warning - graphic pics
(Quote from the link above)
"I met a guy at the bow range who had a fragment of a carbon arrow do the same thing to him but it went into his arm and caused carbon poisoning. He had to have his forearm amputated. He had a special arm designed for him to shoot his bow so he's still out there. He must really enjoy it (who doesn't?)."


Have also read manufacturers' warning labels online about twisting/bending them after every shot to ensure they are not damaged to shoot with.

My question is, although a rare occurrence, however, given the disconcerting fact that they do break and nasty accidents do happen,

1) why are people still at ease shooting carbon arrows?

2) How do you deal with the fact that every shot that you make could be your last?

3) Just how common are such accidents?

4) Point is I am totally worried about using carbons after seeing the damage they can cause but aluminium ones just wont do as they bend too easily.

What do I do? Can any seasoned archers here advise?
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