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Default A Shed, A Rack And No Shrooms

With the warmer weather I decided to to get out to some of my bowhunting spots to search for any early Morel Mushrooms.
While I went home sadly empty handed on the Morels I will give it 2 more days and then start to look again for those wonderful shrooms.
I did find this 5 point shed that had only been nibbled on a little by the local critters... it was lying within sight of this impressive rub
I made it to one of my other spots and walked up on this unfortunate scene of a dead 8 pointer. It apears that the critters really feasted on this rack. It was a real shame I think he would of been a real nice one this next season... but alas no Morels at this site either.
Jeez I am craving a skillet of Morels
So... Who is finding Morels already ????
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