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Catfish = 10
Walleye = 10
Bass (ocean perch) = 10
Carp = 10
Bullhead = 10
Pike/Muskie = 15
Panfish = 1
Trout = 10
Salmon (striped bass) = 10
Big head= 5

Basic rules/guidelines:
-Any species of fish may be used in the contest.

-Any kind of tackle may be used to catch fish.

-No limit on how many fish you catch.

-Contest will run from April 1st-September 1st

-This will be a team effort, like the deer contest.

-You must post a picture of the fish on a ruler (tape measure is fine) or else your fish will not be counted

-We are going to do it by inches. becasue i think inches is easier to measure the finding the weight. we will add the length of the fish into the score of the species. so if you catch a 15 inch cat the score would be 25 for it. does everyone get this?

-Please when you post fish, if you have multiple fish have the total point value at the end of your post/post your team number whenever you post fish

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