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These ppl rejected big sugardaddys honey money


County rejects energy-saving stimulus

The Associated Press
GILLETTE -- A county in the heart of Wyoming's energy producing region is rejecting federal money to help government and nonprofits reduce energy consumption.
It was announced recently that Wyoming would get $9.6 million in federal money to help make local government buildings around the state more energy efficient.
Campbell County Public Works Director Kevin King said the county in the energy rich Powder River Basin of northeast Wyoming originally had applied for more than $68,000 to help replace two aging boilers in the county courthouse.
But King said he decided not to accept the money after a U.S. Energy Department official was rude and demanding with county employees over the phone. In addition, he said the paperwork and red tape that comes with the money was too cumbersome.
King said the boilers aren't that inefficient and have several years of life left.

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