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"Part of your logic could apply if not for the fact that this is essentially a new BOC with fresh faces.

Most dont trust the commissioner selection process any more than they do the pgc themselves. As far as that goes, i'd wager by far the majority of hunters in this state couldnt even tell you who the commissioners are.

Btw, boop also said in that article he has been hearing from hunters who do not believe its worth the time & effort to show up anymore. Think that pretty much sums it up.

You also might wanna look at who wrote the article. The pro-pgc version of the slinkster. Schneck. Real well known to be unbiased source. lol

"When UBP attended the meeting to decide on extending archery two weeks into the rut, it was standing room only and still overflowed into the lobby and halls. "
Not for 8-10 years. Because thats how long THIS issue has been ongoing.
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