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Default "Busloads"? of angry deer hunters descend on PGC meeting!

I believe it was reported here that Jimmy the Slink predicted busloads of hunters would descend on Harrisburg yesterday to protest the past season.

They must've been the "short buses".................

The meeting was over in three hours. 26 people spoke in total and about a third of that were there to speak about low deer numbers.

So a well publicized all important meeting where we were supposed to see what could easily be called a "deer management tea party" simply didnt materialize. Seems to me the representation at a state meeting tells us way more than these few internet polls with (usually) less than a hundred participants.

Boop claims hunters have given up

Hunters are seeing less deer, there's no disputing that. Most of us would enjoy seeing more deer. No disputing that either. But rather than giving up as Boop claims, maybe hunters are beginning to see why there needed to be less deer and accepting what we were told from the beginning..... less deer equals less deer.

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