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Details and the pictures lads...

We were hunting on a 500 acre, low fence, piece of ground near Wimberley, Texas.

Dani with her first crossbow white-tailed deer: She made a brilliant 22 yard shot from a ground blind while sitting on her old man's lap. We had a six point piebald buck come in earlier, but she was uncomfortable taking a long shot. She made the call, and I applauded her for her choice.

The very next evening, Dani missed a decent 8 pointer from thirty four yards. Her shot was spot on. However, the buck jumped string big time. The bolt passed in front of the deer as he spun to the right.

The following morning I arrowed a red deer stag. 22-23 yard shot. He was lights out in a hurry!

Last day of the hunt, Dani once again used her crossbow to strike a blow to a wayward corsican ram. This sucker did not want to give up the farm! He took two shots from the crossbow, and then, I was forced to shoot him with my bow before he escaped off the property.

I've set a huntress loose!
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