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Default Went to test, left with a new bow

I went to the local shop this afternoon. To test fire some bows, I had decided to get a new bow. The shop is the biggest in my area and carries Mathews, Bowtech, Hoyt, PSE, and Bear. I decided to keep my switchback XT and try one of the new "2 cams"

Long story short, it came down to the New destroyer and a 2009 PSE xforce dream season.

I left the shop with the dream season, here's why:

It was not as pretty as the bow tech, but:
I LOVED the grip on the PSE, was not overly thrilled w/ the destroyer grip. The PSE has the best grip I have ever felt.

The pse felt sturdier, if that makes sense

The pse had timing marks and marks to start center shot and elevation- I really liked the timing marks

AND- I got the 09 pse Brand New, for $665. The shopt had the bowtech for $899. SO I bought the bow, a new Vital Bow gear sight, trophy taker drop away, and bow sling, for less than the bare bow destroyer.

Now i have 2 fully set up bows, not sure why I need 2, but I have them and im happy about it.

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