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I started recently dropping my poundage down to min for the off season on my one compound that is left.

I had a few PSE and browning bows that lost thier poundage over time. My last a 98 mohave, I had it for 6 years. At the end of the 6 years, it barely reached 67lbs when I changed its strings for the last time. I had a bowtech liberty that did something simular.

I can't say it will help it to relieve the tension, but this I know from building selfbows. The top 10% of the limb carries over 80% of the tension. And you would never leave a selfbow strung for more than 5 or so hours (unless you like set). Fiberglass no doubt handles tension much better than bamboo or osage. But it stretches too.

I let you know in a few years if it makes a difference or not. Good thing about owning a guardian or commander. You can take almost 100% of tension off and leave the string on.