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Magic 'DA MAN good and bad input. No I don't sit on a high horse because I don't kill a booner every year. Ten years ago shooting spikes was thought to be good in Herd management (but that's not true). We took seven spikes off the property in three years between 2001-2004 because we wanted good genes in the herd and shot a lot of doe's. We then started having a lot of big bucks with broken tines and missing main beams because the rut became intense and were fighting for the does. Went for years of not seeing a lot of doe's because we took to many to fast We decided not to shoot any does for a couple of years and the herd came back fast, really fast. Even when we were in EAB for years, I went to the local golf course and shot doe's to get my buck sticker. If you ever have the chance to hunt a golf course I highly suggest it. Ton's and ton's of deer. They actually want you there because the deer tear up the greens and sand traps. Im just saying I can't blame the DNR on this, its how people manage and hunt.
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