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WIS BOW HUNTR, if you think that hunting in Wisconsin has been ruined for a very very long time, you must know very little about deer biology. Deer populations have been show to almost double in as little as a single year. We are not going to run out of deer in this state, because the number of tags are limited by unit. And exactly what is a healthy deer herd to you. What you and a lot of other hunters tend to turn a blind eye towards is the implications that a higher than sustainable deer herd can have on the available habitat. It's your right to question the management practices of the state, but deer have to be managed in accordance with available habitat and not just for your shooting pleasure. And if your having trouble shooting deer on your property, change things up a little and put on a deer drive or do some scouting to see what the deer are doing or where the hot food source is. Deer change their patterns from year to year, and it's part of the fun of hunting to figure out how they are using their habitat. If you judge the success of your season on the number of deer you can hang on the pole alone, then you have lost sight of what hunting is about. It's about being outdoors and enjoying nature and family and friends and if your lucky bagging a deer or two.
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