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Here's what I believe based on talking to other hunters (family, friends etc) and just seeing.

The northern deer herd is decimated. Period. No one I know of that hunted in the northern section got or even saw deer.

The central deer herd is better but the doe population is down from normal.

The southern (CWD) section I'm not familiar with but obviously getting rid of the CWD is a major priority with the DNR and rightfully so. (Did I say that?)....

The DNR put out a "proposal" for an extended rifle season next year on their website... BEFORE the deer harvest numbers were even in for this year and the reason was "instead" of the earn-a-buck. My BIL (retired) worked for the DNR his whole life and obviously backs up everything they say. I know how dedicated most of these guys are. But there has to be some real crack-pot managers upstairs. Come to think of it this would be normal for most businesses in this country...
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