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if the DNR would quit with all the doe shooting wed be in good shape. this is the first year in 49 years that a buck hasnt been shot off our 300 acre farm in all the years. Theres something wrong with this picture. Only 2 deer shot off 300 acres during gun season and one buck during bow season. You cant tell me theres nothing wrong with the way the DNR has managed the herd over the last 5-8 years. Our deer herd will never be the same. To get back to a healthy size we need to stop shooting does and bambis. I would rather see an antler restriction for the next 5 years than to hear and see people shooting next years deer. You keep shooting does we WILL NOT have any deer left. I dont want to hear the hawgwash from people saying if you dont want does shot, then dont shoot them. When thats all some people see and they need meat for their families they are going to shoot anything brown. We need to get rid of the doe hunts, not the does. The WDNR has taken us for a ride and RUINED hunting in Wi for a very very very long time...
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