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I think Stabnslab has to realize he is one of the lucky ones who has enough land (and his neighbor) to really control there deer herd. For most people though, 80 acres would be a good lot of land. The problem I think is a lot of people hunt where there are many 40 to 100 acres lots of land all around each other with no really big chunks of land that act as a sanctuary. I deal with this at a spot in Michigan where I hunt. There are endless amounts of small tracts of land. Even if you get 5 guys together to not shoot small bucks, it seems you always have one guy that shoots alot of small bucks and as many doe tags as they can fill. Hunters can't help what his neighbor is doing as long as he does it legal. If the DNR lets him shoot 30 does in a season, then he will, even if his neighbors don't want him too. One bad apple ruins for the rest.

FYI stabnslab, great avitar.
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