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The problem I see here is the fact that some people want to see 15 deer everyday and some people are happy if they see 15 deer in a season. Some people just like to watch the does and are waiting for a big buck, and some people love to eat venison and they couldn't care less if the other guy just likes to watch them. YOU CAN'T KEEP EVERYBODY HAPPY.
In the area I hunt I haven't heard of any wolves yet and I usually see deer when I go. This year I hunted both public and private and seen deer in both places during the rifle season. I think for the most part I was just lucky this year. In the right place at the right time.
I just feel that if the dnr keeps handing out tags, people are going to keep filling them. I thought we were suppose to believe in the dnr, but after reading about everyone not seeing anything I am having second thoughts now, Next year I will probably have a crappy season. Time will tell.
Stabnslab, I was just wondering how many does can one shoot before he is called "trigger happy"?
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