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BOBCAT,,I have scoffed at the WB for years.I bought one just about the day they hit my local pro shop.NEVER even shot an arrow through it.
When I tipped my bow down and let one of aluminum " logs' drop through it.The 5" helical vanes STOPPED the arrow.Talk about putting on the " brakes" .Well, this was NO GOOD to me and my already slow set up.I sold it to a freind for half. price,,,I' m good like that[:@]
Now, I' m shooting carbons and thought it was time to take ANOTHER look at the NEW and IMPROVED WB.All I can say for sure is that the WB and carbons are a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN !!.I was very surprized at how well this rest handles carbons.I have not finished ALL of my testing, but so far, out to 30 yards,,,AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!.[:-]
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