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Appreciate the input, folks.

Good points from Driftrider especially. Hadn't thought about the Tikka's small port, but now that I looked at my father's .22-250, you're right. Also, never thought about the magazine cost, one would assume that the cheap-looking plastic mags the Tikka uses would be cheap. . . and one would be wrong.

That's high praise for the AccuTrigger too. If it's even better than an already-good Tikka adjustable trigger, then that put's the Savage at least ahead by a nose.

I'm pretty sure I can get serious at the reloading bench and find some combination that either one of the rifles will shoot to an acceptable or better level of accuracy.

I have to say, I like the looks of the Savage better than the Tikka, but not so much that it would rule out the Tikka.

The local sporting goods shop has customer appreciation day coming up, 10% off of everything, so I'm going to see if I can get them to stretch "everything" to include anything custom-ordered. The shop is both a Tiakka and Savage dealer, but they don't have either in stock in .243. I asked about it and they kind of hemmed and hawed about giving discounts on a custom order, but then the firearms manager came by and said he wouldn't promise anything but if I had my checkbook out and a pen at the ready, he'd seriously consider it.

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