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Default Savage vs Tikka in .243. Which and why?

Ok, I've narrowed down my seach for a .243 to Savage 114 or a Tikka T3.

My thinking so far:

Both guns seem to have good reputations for accuracy. The Savage has the nifty Accutrigger, which I have tried and it's quite amazing to get a trigger pull that good used to cost hundreds more.

But the question is which one has the better overall accuracy?

Tikka seems to score a lot of points in the out of box accuracy department and from what I've read even with factory loads these guns seem to produce very nice groups almost without exception.

My father has a Tikka in .22-250 and it's very impressive. I'm not sure we're at the limits yet, but with a 55g BTHPM Hornaday we've shot numerous 3 shot 100 yd groups that could be covered with a quarter. Even out at 300, I'd be very, very afraid if I were a coyote.

I really can't find that much about the Savage. People seem to really like the Accutrigger, but a good trigger only gains you so much. What's the overall package like?

Primarily I'm going to use the rifle for coyotes and when my son is old enough to hunt I thought it would make a good first deer rifle.

Which would you choose and why?

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