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Got out For 3 Hours Tonight

Rattled in a buck at almost dark and couldn't seem to interst him with some late grunts. So I thought!!!!!! It was a dull quiet night with no movement till almost dark when I rattled in a good buck to 40 yards but he stayed in some thick stuff. After racking up some bush he wondered off the way the deer head to the fields. I called this night a learning experience as what comes next almost put my heart in my throat.
I continued to call some more to entice him back ,but it was to no avail.Oh well it was to dark anyway's So I packed up and lowered my bow and gear and climbed down. I untied my bow and pack and then put it all on and turned to walk out from under the Spruce tree and there he was not 10 feet away from me. All I could see were his antlers in the silouette of the skyline above the trees. They were tall and big and as fast as that happened he bounded away 5 bounds and walked off into never never land. He landed with a thud each time he bounded saying he also had some weight to him.
Truthfully ,I have never heard of this happening to anyone before and I almost filled my pants thinking he was going to gore me. He must have come in from my blind side and I never heard him come in. It was an awesome experience ,now I just hope he forgets what tree he made that mistake bye,cause I'll be back there on Remembrence day,which is Wednesday. God bless team, an be safe out there.
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