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!st All Day Sit Of The Season

Dang that's hard thing to do, but in 4 different stands and 3 different locations ,LOL. Had a back problem that was killing me to sit. Fixed it after 5 hours for the 1st sit. Was a brutal day and the temps were way to warm,got to +9 for the high and -2 when I went in at 5:30am. I rattled in a buck on my second try but he bedded down 63 yards in front of me for 3 hours with out me getting to see his head gear.
When he got up he moved another 3 feet and bedded again.ticked me off any ways he did get up and walked in front of me at 18 yards and began to eat for 20 minutes.What's up with that.He was a perfect 5x5 and about a 140 buck. I drew on him twice, and said no not on my 1st all day'er. Specially since I've seen a few wall hangers there. Ended up trying the next property over in 2 seperate stands and saw lots of activity but no animals.
Ended up trying my chicken farm at 2:30 til dark and nothing again. Scrapes are starting to open up and I also made about 10 mock scrapes and gave them the ole human **** over LOL, and left. Back out tomorrow for an afternoon sit
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