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Default Trail Camera Questions

I have recently purchased the Remington Ghost trail cam from Diks Sporting Goods.
The things I like about the camera are:
1. Cost: Spent $90,
2. The pictures the camera takes are good during the day
3. The video was good during the day and night mode using infrared
4. Easy to operate right out of the box
5. 2 GB SD compatible

The things I dislike about the camera are:
1. Only takes a single picture
2. Video length is only 15 seconds
3. Operates on D Cell batteries
4. Night time pictures were so/so using infrared
5. Cable mounting system not user friendly(maybe that is due to this unit being my first trail camera)
6. Does not come with a USB cord to link to computer if I want

My questions are: What model of trail camera do you recommend that has an infrared flash? Does it take single or multiple pictures? What is the largest SD card it can accept? What is the compatibility with a battery pack? What is the video length capability? What is the picture quality like? How many megapixels is the camera? How user friendly is the cable mounting system? What is the cost of the recommended camera?

I guess I should also include some guidelines as to what I want in the camera you recommend.
1. Should be at least 4 megapixels or larger
2. Have infrared flash
3. Have a minimum of 30 second video going for as long as 1 minute
4. Compatible with a battery system such as a solar unit or aftermarket rechargeable battery pack (if this exists)
5. Not necessary but would like have camera come with USB cord
Thanks and I look forward to your responses!
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