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Thanks Rocky,

This was kind of a fun hunt. I left Denver Friday night and drove to S. Dakota with very little weather hindering my efforts (for a change). I made good time (seven hours total one way). I had a good friend along-he's inflicted with Multiple Myloma (blood cancer)-to help push me through the miles. Together, the two of us were looking forward to hunting whities-he with his crossbow and me with the Custom Kanga Longbow. Hunting stories consumed the entire conversion on the way up...

Mark missed a nice 8 point Saturday morning-I guess he didn't have an eight foot pin on his crossbow (he caught a little from That was his excuse anyway. On Sunday morning, he bolted a small six. Sadly, we never found it. I think he shot it that "no man's land" under the deer's spine, We tracked the deer in the snow for 3/4 of a mile. The buck showed no sign whatsoever of being injured. Finally the blood just stopped...

I killed my doe from ten feet away Sunday morning. One arrow did the job. She piled up 100 yards from where I hit her. It was funny, just prior to shooting this deer, two bucks (both nice eights) were directly under my stand. They were heading towards Mark ( I said a little prayer-I really wanted the deer to go towards him because he starts his second round of Kemo tomorrow. I so wanted him to get a deer!). I heard Mark's crossbow fire. I was like, "Dang!, but that's cool-he got a shot!". Ten minutes later my doe shows up. I drilled her good-a first with traditional gear!

Here's the pic.

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