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Well i went there this morning to just sit and maybe see something. If you look the pic I attached I sat on on side of the pond and looked accross it at the oaks and apple trees. Well at 8:45am I heard grunting and chasing. I saw a small spike chasing a doe. The 5 miutes later I heard louder grunts and chasing and saw a small 8 or 6 pointer. I couldnt tell cause they were moving pretty good. I then saw 2 more deer run by but could not tell what they were.

I have not seen chasing this early before, but was happy see some deer movement on this property.

The surounding property is know for having deer and nobody has hunted this tract in over 5 years. Now the property around it gets hunted but its not hunted super hard from from i have heard from other people who hunt in the area. I hope that some bigger bucks will move in soon.!
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