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Well fellow Team 3 members; I feel like I let you down!! Had last week off and spent plenty of time in the woods. Unfortunately I only saw ONE deer. Even worse, it was a beautiful 8 ptr. and he now has a broadhead in his shoulder. It was a dreary, rainy morning and I had a perfect 30yd. broadside shot,looked like a perfect shot but deflected off a hemlock branch that I never saw
untill I went where he was standing to look for blood. I knew something had happened as arrow did not penetrate (i could see it sticking out of him as he turned and ran off). I gave the deer over an hour before I started tracking him. No blood whatsoever at shot site. All ready my heart was sinking. Found the whole arrow, minus the broadhead about 40 yds. away. Blood trail started at that point but was very sparse. No drops any larger than my thumbnail and he never stopped at all. Tracked him for about 4-5
hundred yds. every bit of it UPHILL !! Blood trail was only a drop or so every 15-20 ft. at that point and finally dissapeared at that point. Spent the afternnoon and next morning doing a grid search but I feel he was fine and just has a darned sore shoulder. I will be back out this weekend, and hopefully get a second chance at him.
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