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Originally Posted by falcon View Post
Surely mature individuals are able to criticize Obama on the issues. There is certainly a lot to criticize. But some folks out there have to make up lies. Anyone who posts this stuff on this and other sites is making all of us look like knuckle draggers. There are smart folks out there who are saying about us: "They have guns too".

Wonder how two Honolulu newspapers were able to run birth Obama's birth announcement the day after he was born? Orly Taitz, the wacko in charge of the birther movement, was fined $20,000 by a federal judge in Georgia yesterday.

Kosher Boy, you have bought into some serious trash there. Have you contributed to Orly Taitz yet? Go to this site and see the forged Kenyan birth certificate with Obama's name on it. Mombassa, Kenya did not even exist on the date it is referenced on that "birth certificare." The "birth certificate" was forged from an online birth certificate belonging to a living Australian.


BTW: Better be careful with all your unconfirmed cut and paste. You just might get unfavorable mention on this site. They have phonied up all kinds of AP stuff in order to get folks to bite on it and then laugh at them in print.
Who cares about threats ? Is this Obsama responding ?
I would think those who registered the dead so they could vote For Obsama would have a lot more trouble than me posting what someone else posts, Don't you think ?
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