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Originally Posted by chevymanar View Post
I am not a turkey hunter, but I think it is BS that it was changed after the AGFC book came out. How can they fine someone if they didn't know there was a change? I mean they were going by their book right?
Yeah, I have a license with two fall turkey tags on it and wouldn't have known if my BIL wouldn't have relayed word.

My BIL and I were discussing this and we haven't seen any decline on our leases in turkeys. I think predadation has taken a toll on the turkey population, but the AGFC has refused to change the rules about shooting predators.

In Arkansas, you can only shoot a predator during an open hunting season with the equipment legal for that season. In Texas, in retrospect, you can shoot them any time, including feral hogs, which are very destructive to turkey habitat.
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