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Originally Posted by bhunter50 View Post
Well the temperatures are cool and my gear is our year-end 3-d archery club shoot, half way through the range my cable broke on my about third the way back and snap...the cable broke and ruined my roller guard(mathews). So my pro shop owner told me that it will be until the weekend until he could get the parts in to fix it.

Season starts on thursday but you can still be I will be in the woods with a good buddy's bow....fits me and i shoot great with it so wish me luck and good luck to all of you and no matter what happened...IM SO PUMPED!!!!
Sorry to hear about that but I am glad you have a friend that has a bow you can use. I have kept 2 hunting bows tuned and ready since 2006. I know not everyone can but when you go to get a new bow it sure is nice if you can keep your old one around. I picked up the AMax last winter and use that as a "BackUp" for deer. It is lighter draw weight and setup mainly for turkey hunting but will work great for deer if I have a problem with the Katera XL.

Good luck to all of you getting out for the first times. I will be in the woods again this weekend and with the cooler temps I am really looking forward to it.
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