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Question Brand new Mathews Black Max 2 bare bow, what do I need to hunt?!?!

I have the chance to buy a brand new, never setup Mathews Black Max 2 for $350. This is a bare bow and was a raffle prize and was never used, just stored in a closet for the last couple of years. It is 60# draw weight, 29 draw length. My two questions are is this a good deal for a discontinued bow and what would I need to add to this bow to hunt? Obviously I need a sight, quiver, rest. What else? I am new to bow hunting and would appritiate any help you can give me. I will be hunting out of a 17' ladder stand in a pine woods. I know that this bow has a short brace height but it feels comfortable to me. I'd like to make a cheap hunting rig out of this, hopefully stay under $500 total. My father-in-law just spent $1400 on whatever the newest, fastest, coolest Mathews is (Monster I think) and I think he is loony! I think I want a Truglo Pendulum single post sight and a Treelimb 3 arrow quiver. Are Carbon Express Arrows any good? What kind of broadheads for hunting whitetail deer in thick cover? Any other suggestions to get me started. Thanks for all the help.


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