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Default lets clear things up

You dont need any gadgets on TV to kill deer. If theres a comercial on it theres a 99% chance you dont need it.
You do not need any camo clothing to kill deer, camo doesnt really do anything being a deer is color blind, a guilli suit is really the only thing that works dependably. Why spend all that money on camo only to climb in a deer blind or pop up blind, a bow hunter in a tree stand is the only one that would benifit from camo, for you guys, the latest real tree camo or hardwoods or what ever theyre trying to push this week works no better than plain 'ol army camo, gun hunters need not worry about camo period, being that we are shooting from far off distances.
If you bait all you need is corn, plain 'ol corn, nothing else, nada nothing, zip, corn corn corn. No scent attractants, doe pees buck bombs cmere deers buck juices buck jams deer caine. Just corn corn corn.
A food plot is baiting, period! there will be no disscusion about it.
Any centerfire will kill a deer cleanly, again no discussion about it, this is my thread, I am god here. LOL
A cheap scope works well within the limits most hunters shoot. If you need a clearer scope to see under low light conditions chances are its way past legal shooting hours.
scent control is nonsense, you cant fool a deer with cover scent or any stupid product to wash your clothes in. Hunt down wind and you could smoke a cigar farting the whole time.
Scent lock suits do not work.
Whats this deer score threads are repulsive, if you want to shoot that deer and it makes you happy shoot it. Quit worrying about what a deer scores, thats not what hunting is about
Ok thats it for now, gotta go check the chicken on the pit.
Feel free to add to the list.
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