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Default Fun hunt with my best friend. And pics!

Well... Today me and my best friend Cody went out. After a no go on the morning hunt (was raining at first) we made it a point to get out there this afternoon.

He got out to my house at about 3pm. We shot the stuff, and decided to get the bows out for a bit of practice/friendly competition(has been that way since we were little kids). We were both shooting great. I was shooting my Omen and he was shooting my old target bow (blue pse X6) that he has fallen in love with.

We got the gear and boat ready and headed out at about 4. I kinda forgot that today was labor day, and we hunt on/from the river Pleasure boaters EVERYWHERE and almost no place to park... After we got all of the stares outta the way from everyone saying "what are these hillbillies doin in camo with a huge camo boat?" it was ok. We discussed where we were going to go, and set out that way. I dropped Cody off at one of my stands. It is less than 40yds from the river bank, so I just walked him to the stand and drove off to the spot I wanted to go.

Here is the part that I didnt like... Im gonna go ahead and get this one out there. IM AN IDIOT (today anyways). The river is down low right now, and its hard getting in some spots, so I decided to park the boat in a different spot, and just walk the bank to get to my stand. I ended up not even being close, and walked around for a good 30-40minutes. After I was royally pissed, I decided to just go back to the boat, try and cool off, and make up a new game plan...

I checked my bag to see if i had any texts or calls.

Cody text me and said "just smoked a doe" and my anger had already started to lighten up. I called him and asked him how his shot was etc and if he was confident that she was down. He thought the shot was a bit high, but she was close and the angle was extreme so he figured it was good... He shot her at 5pm after only being in the stand for 15 minutes.

I decided to go ahead and go back to where I dropped him off to help him find the doe. Here is the funny part. As im pulling up to the bank which is mostly sand, I see what looks to be a floating deer. And guess what... It was... I lauged so hard I almost couldnt breathe!! I hollered at him and told him to come out from the stand. his shot entered high, and exited low with a perfect double lung/liver shot. It took us 15minutes to find out where the deer exited the woods and entered the water. She came out approximately 50yards down stream of where I found her. If I wouldnt have came and got him, and would have been in my stand, we would have NEVER found this deer!!!

So, being extremely pumped, we gutted her, and it was still only about 545. So we thought, what the hell... Might as well celebrate labor day twice by going swimming as well lol! Home by 7 after a slightly unorganized but AWESOME hunt that will be remembered for a lifetime!

Sorry for the long read, but it was really cool to share. Hope yall enjoy.

cody on the left

Rage 3 blade entry hole. Huge as always. cody's 7th deer with the 3 blade rage... The deer was clean so its kinda hard to see but...
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