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I think you have missed some parts of the description.
Of course I have tested it. The sound! I made the two ones you can see on youtube! Read the description. I mean I havent tested it on predators. Where I live there is not much else than red fox to test it on. Coyotes and bobcats does not live her. Big arctic lynx live her but they are few and strictly regulated, same with wolf or wolverine. Then it is martens or mink. I have killed many fox, both by hunting and trapping, its much easyer. Feeding fox two times a week during winther gives chances for a shot at night when the moon lights up the snow. Trapping them in grell traps is also much easyer than calling in a fox. Calling in the fox takes practice and time. For those who have that, some might find it fun to test an old style call. However, the whole idea with posting info on this old type of call isnt to outmatch every call on the market, it is to make it available to those who like calling and the primitive (as the description says) way of hunting, and just for everyone interested to be able to use an old style call that is easy made and used. Easy used means it is easy to make a common distress sound as with many other calls. Easy called in predators is why you must test it...? Have you made one and tested it? Or have you drawn a test conclusion by just stydying the pictures? Nice test. The info on it is also made because I hope it will be discovered by those who did not know such a call existed. Maybe it can be improved? Cold weather does effect calls with long reeds that you blow on the end of the reed, not like this one that you blow across the reed. The airflow passes between only 4 mm wide wood on this one not like those with long lips around the reed. This I have tried myself on other calls also a crow call. What are your concerns due to the weather affects? Warping in rain? Make it from plastic then, or seal a wooded version properly with laquer. Most modern wooden calls are laquered. Bone warping? It takes a second to adjust it if it should occur. I dipped mine in water and tested it. It works. Having a positive approach to the call also helps. And yes, there may be better calls to be found, but there sure are calls that are less good too. Among modern calls.
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